How to explain Kettlebell training to people who ask why you look so good and leave them in the dust

Lately, students in the studio have been saying that many of their friends,family, and co-workers keep asking them questions like “WOW! you look great! How did you get in such good shape?”, “What do you do at the gym?”…When my clients tell them (very excitedly because they KNOW how to help this person!) that they are working out regularly with kettlebells, they usually get a quick “Oh..that sounds hard.”…and the person just kind of drops it. The truth is, sadly, MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK. Sure, they want to look good, like you, and feel strong, build endurance and resist injury, but they want to get all that by taking a supplement, and hanging out on an ab lounger or something…they don’t want to really DO something different or … gulp!….something H-A-R-D oh nooo…..You ARE doing the work, and you ARE feeling and seeing the results. That is how it works, and explaining to someone who is just not ready or willing to make a change is probably just going to be an exercise in futility.

Now, if (here is the big IF word!)…IF you are talking to someone who you think really is ready and willing work, I have put together some helpful points to talk about….besides the fact that the Food… mean Holiday Season is here, most Americans will gain about 4 pounds…MANY will probably NOT take it all off after the New Year, AND that after age 30, if we do nothing about it, our bodies naturally lose about 1% lean muscle per year! That’s RIGHT!
Getting old is NOT FOR SISSIES, and if we DON’T USE IT, WE WILL LOSE IT!

A good kettlebell workout will burn about 22 calories per minute! That is approximately the same caloric burn as running a 6 minute mile! KB training is LOW IMPACT, and much gentler on the body than running! Bonus! Because KB training IS Interval training, you will continue to burn extra calories for several hours AFTER your workout! To date, my fat loss leading client has lost over 140lbs in two years!

What are the benefits?

The “What the Heck Effect” is what happens with people train with KBs. You get better at absolutely ANYTHING athletic! This is because power comes from the hips, and the natural, functional movement WITH a IRON KETTLEBELL fosters natural athletic bodies! Bonus! The Power Breathing technique helps with natural movements and protects our backs, hips,and knees! ANYONE with a favorite sport will appreciate this!

A one-hour kettlebell class takes care of your cardio, resistance, AND flexibility training ALL AT THE SAME TIME! There is no need for “Cardio days”…and they NEVER have to step foot on a treadmill again if they do not want to!
Bonus! KB training builds LONG, LEAN muscle! MUSCLE BURNS FAT! Even when you are on the couch!
KB Training is SAFE for virtually everyone!
I hear from people every month who have been living with pain and immobility who feel BETTER, or their pain is GONE COMPLETELY! I personally have FIXED issues that plagued me for more than 20 years due to a car wreck that broke my neck. I have clients who have experienced the same thing with back, knee, elbow, neck, and shoulder pain! Kids do great! Seniors do amazing things! To date, my youngest client has been 8, and my oldest client 83!
An assessment and First Class is FREE! Have them contact me, or bring them to a class to see what we do and hear why!

The RKC is a school of strength! I am certified RKC, that means that I teach Hard Style Russian Kettlebell techniques. This differs some from other methods of kettlebell training. The idea behind Hard Style is MAXIMUM muscle recruitment for gains in RAW POWER. If you are going to do a thing, why not do it to the MAX!? This is awesome for the average
person looking to burn fat and gain functional muscle, as well as for the professional athlete or performer!

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