While Sheri is at the Burning Man Festival 2012!


It is time once again for me to be off to the Burning Man Festival with my Fire Performance Troupe, Flameology.  I will be out of the studio from August 27th until September 10th, 2012.  In my absence classes will be led by Beth and Lucia.  Jennifer Szabo will teach a hoop/juggling skills class on Monday, Sept. 3rd and Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 6pm. 

There will be NO class on THURSDAY MORNINGS! (August 30th/September 6th).

While I am away, classes led by students are to be considered “Open Classes”.  Roughly translated, that means “No Lifeguard On Duty”.  These classes are intended for experienced students to continue their workouts with fellow, more experienced, students.  NOT for new students.  *Attention New Students!!! I have let you all know if you are ready to workout without me*.  

PLEASE TEXT OR CALL THE CLASS LEADER IF YOU ARE COMING TO A CLASS!  (I do not want them to have to drive across town if there will be no one in the studio!)

Lucia  702-806-2798 –  Tuesday 9am,  8/28 – Wednesday 9am, 8/29 – Friday 9am, 8/31  – Monday 9am , 09/03  – Tuesday 9am, 09/04 , Wednesday 9am, 09/05  – Friday 9am, 09/07

Beth 702-561-2610  –  Monday, 8/27 9am – Monday, 8/27 6pm – Tuesday, 8/28 6pm – Wednesday, 8/29 6pm – Thursday, 8/30 6pm – Wednesday, 9/5 6pm – Thursday,9/6 6pm

Jennifer 702-606-9739  –  Monday, 9/3 6pm HOOPS/JUGGLING SKILLS – Tuesday, 9/4 6pm HOOPS/JUGGLING SKILLS

When I return, I am adding two additional classes:

TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at 5pm SWINGS AND FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS.  These classes will focus on the “Center of the Kettlebell Universe”, the SWING, as well as the “First Star”, the GET UP, and various squats and dead lifts.  These are the RKC basics that have been said to take “5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master”.  These classes are essential for beginners, and I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone looking to burn fat, build long, lean muscle, and endurance as well as revisit the basics.  The way we learn ANY skill is through:  Education, (learn how to do it from instruction, books, videos, etc.).  Practice, (DO IT!).  Review, (learn it again…it will be different now that you have some experience).  Practice.  Here is the most important part…REPEAT!  You get the idea…each time we return to the learn how step, we get something new based on our experience level and the more we practice and get more experience…..it it a cycle that keeps repeating!

This means that TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at 6pm will become ADVANCED DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES.  These classes will focus on, you guessed it, advanced kettlebell drills and techniques.  Students are welcome to come at 5pm to brush up on the basics and burn some kcals (remember that when done correctly, swings burn around 22 calories per minute…that is about the equivalent to running a 6 minute mile!) and then stay for the advanced class!

If you would like to check out equipment while I am gone READ THIS! 

Let me know as soon as possible what you would like to use.  First come, first served…I have to keep it simple people!  I may ask you to bring said checked out item to class with you to class if you are coming…it depends on the item…just ask and we will figure it out!

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