New Swing classes are a hit!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 5pm Swing classes began in Mid-September and they are a HIT! The focus of these classes is, of course, the Swing, but the Turkish Get Up, Dead Lifts and other basics are also introduced and covered. The idea is to get a good workout while learning the basics to hone your Kettlebell skills. Advanced students are welcome and encouraged to come at 5 for a good Swing/Basic skills hour and stay for the Tuesday/Thursday Advanced Skills and Drills Class for a KILLER workout!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 6pm Advanced Drills and Skills Classes are also a HIT! Students who are ready, willing, and able come together to work on the fine points of each drill and train their bodies to new levels. Like Mark, “Riff”, Reifkind says “It’s all easy until it gets heavy.” Thursday nights can get heavy, so the form must be there to support it! Strength is a skill and can be learned!

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