Starting Dec. 2012 “Tibetian Rites” class M,W,F at 8am

The Tibetan Rites are a series of 5 yogic movements done in unison with the breath. Each movement is completed up to, but not more than 20 times. Once you learn all the movements, along with a simple vinyasa movement I teach between each, and some specialized breathing techniques at the end the Rites should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Optimally, they are done each morning, soon after arising, but are beneficial whenever done!

The Tibetan Rites have been practiced for thousands of years by monks, yogis and yoginis, and those who have learned them. They are my favorite way to pull myself all together at the beginning of my day. I feel like I am having a “staff meeting’ with all my body parts in the process of completing the Rites. I find that I have a clearer mind and generally more energy when I habitually do the Rites.

The benefits of a regular practice of Tibetan Rites are immense, just as Hard-Style Kettlebell drills include cardio, strength, and flexibility at the same time Tibetan Rites benefits the BODY (both muscular-skeletal, and internal organs), MIND, (reducing stress) and SPIRIT (Feel good, be happy!) at the same time! While the flexibility and coordination have obvious advantages, the practice of moving quietly with the breath has a calming effect on the CNS and respiratory system as well as controlling heart rate and turning off (or down) the “mind chatter”. The emotional and spiritual effects are very calming and de-stressing for most people!

Dr Oz did a show recently showing the benefits of doing Tibetan Rites. OMG! It has gone MAINSTREAM! OK, then more people can benefit from an ancient methodology…gotta’ like that!

Tibetan Rites classes are INCLUDED for all students paying monthly, or are $20 drop in (ANYONE IS WELCOME!) or $15 each if if purchased as a pack of 10 for $150. Remember that I still offer a great referral program! If you refer someone and they buy training, you get 1/2 of what they spent on your next month or package! You can also use that credit for Private Sessions! Awesome, right!?

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