My new “S.A.F.E.T.Y. Training” group now forming!

I teach strength, and to quote a great kettlebell instructor, Mark “Riff” Reifkind, “There is not much that strong won’t fix.” I will teach you how to get strong. How you use that strength is up to you.

I am currently offering a very limited number of spaces for my new “SAFETY Training” group! Safety is our code word for Strength, Athleticism, Flexibility, and Energy Training Ya-Ya. I could not come up with anything better for “Y”. This group will meet regularly at my Centennial Hills Studio. I am specifically looking for people who are looking to get strong and are open to learning along with other like-minded people! Peer pressure can be a very positive thing and this group will offer support and fun during the process. I would like to develop this group for future presentations and video promotions. The cost is $150 per month and will include UNLIMITED group training classes, at least one Private Session per month and ongoing support and nutritional counseling.

Inclusion in the Safety Training Group is very limited, and any student who is accepted must agree to commit to at least 6 months of consistent training and group participation. All STG students must sign a model release allowing me to use photos for promotion. If you are interested, contact me directly at

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