Spring 2015 News Updates

Well, my little home-studio has a new look and feel.  A new wall and door make the studio feel more private, and although the cats are not so pleased, it keeps their fur and dander out.  I also moved things around, painted walls, and dismantled my desk.  I am typing on my laptop on the floor, or standing.  It is awesome!  I resist sitting in a desk chair, and I had one rolling around in here taking up precious floor space!  If you have not seen the new space, come check it out.  I probably miss you!

Along with the new feel, I have expanded my “UNLIMITED Monthly Training” to include much more flexibility.  In addition to Class times, “Open Gym” style time is available when I am here.  Text RSVP to 702-327-6146.


M/W/F  7am, 9am, and 5:30pm

“Open Gym” T/Th  Text 702-327-6146 for a time slot.


Introduction to swing classes (First time $5o)

UNLIMITED Monthly Small-Group Classes $100 per monthTGU at RKC.

One on One Training Sessions $50 in-studio.

$80-$100, depending on your location.

I am still offering small-group training classes and private sessions at Strength Center in Henderson on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Classes there are at 2pm, and I am available for consultations and swing/orientation at 1pm with RSVP text to 702-327-6146.  I can also schedule private sessions at Strength Center.  Contact me for pricing at Strength Center.