Welcome 2016

Congratulations!  You made it to another New Year!  I am really not one for making “New Year Resolutions” so much, however;  January is as good a time as any to make or renew commitments to YOURSELF.  Every January, it looks like people are committing to taking the time and attention to a practice of strength and wellness.  You can’t miss it!  Big Box and CrossFit Gyms are filled waaay past the parking lot capacity.  Personal Trainers are working their butts off, with no time to think. Group X classes are full with great new classes forming daily!  Hot Yoga studios barley have time to dry out between full capacity classes.  GNC can’t keep all those magic fat  melting, muscle building pills, potions and powders on the shelves.  Every fast/semi fast food chain has “healthy” or “low calorie” options on the menu.  With all this renewed commitment going around you would think that just about everyone would be in great shape by summer, right!?  Yeah…not so much.

The thing to understand is that the body is essentially a machine.  It is made up of a series of levers and pulleys that make it possible to move your body and move heavy things.  These levers and pulleys are powered by the rest of the systems of these amazing machines.  If your vital organs are functioning well, the food you eat is used for energy. Energy fuels your strength practice.  Strength is a skill, and it can be learned and taught.  Like any other skill, it must be practiced.

Practice includes movement preparation like rolling and crawling on the floor, and learning breathing and eye control and gaze drills.  Practice includes a LOT of hip and shoulder mobility and more time on the floor.  In fact, practice includes getting on and off the floor in many different ways. The ability to get up off the floor is quite literally a life saving skill.

The problem with “most people’s resolutions” is that they are not ready and/or willing to learn new skills.  Learning new skills is HARD.  People feel foolish not performing a movement correctly, and quite honestly, if Instructors, Coaches, and Trainers allow people to just “power through” drills with poor form they are causing harm, and the sooner people give up on those programs, all the better.

Your Hard-Style Russian Kettlebell Strength Practice begins when you decide.  If you are ready, I suggest looking at http://www.strongfirst.com, if you do not have a kettlebell background.  If you would like to start training with me, call or text  702-327-6146, or email me at ptsheri@gmail.com to set up an orientation meeting.  I have a small studio in northwest Las Vegas where I offer UNLIMITED small group training and practice for $100 per month.  I also offer private sessions, and in-home as well as workshops around the valley.

Here’s to you and a strong 2016!