About Coach Sheri K

I am a Kettlebell Instructor/Movement Coach in Las Vegas Nevada, I teach students of all ages and lead workshops around the Las Vegas Valley and beyond.

Everyday Fitness “DOs”

Every day I see people who want to be in better shape. I am incredibly lucky to also get to witness people who are making remarkable gains with every workout! In my experience, the difference between those who want to try to get in shape and those who get in serious shape is most simply readiness. When a person is ready, they can hear the information that they need to hear in order to get where they are going. Until a person is ready, everything sounds “too hard” or whatever. When you are ready, I can help you navigate.

I have described some simple, “Everyday DOs” that if you get in the habit of doing everyday, will absolutely help when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. Emphasis on the health part! Seriously, is there really anything more important than that? If you answered yes, you probably won’t finish reading this blog, (let alone reach your fitness goals unless that changes).

I hope these 4 “DOs” help with the day-to-day transformation that you desire. They are basic for someone new to kettlebell training. As you advance in skill, you will add and fine tune your goals a bit, but these 4 “DOs” will still hold true. If you find that like most mortals, you do the “DOs” routinely for a while and then fall off, PLEASE do not waste time and energy beating yourself up just get back on it.

Here they are:

1) See yourself in EXACTLY the body you want.

Now, you are going to have to be realistic here…if you are a 5’3″ white woman, you are NOT going to look like Rhianna, we have to work largely within our genetic codes. See yourself as you are. Now see you as healthy, fit and happy. I personally like to stop with that and not get all tangled up in numbers. If you are a number person, I get it, you need to see data. Please look at the size of your clothing more than the number on the scale! Especially at first, when you are likely to gain a couple or few pounds of muscle before you start torching fat.

2) Pay close attention to your body alignment and breathing.

These things are not only important while you are in the gym, but in everyday activities as well! Keep your shoulders in your “back pocket”, while driving, sitting at a desk and when carrying anything. Breath to your belly, ALL the time. This will take some time and considerable patience with yourself and will be SO worth it! Be sure to move around from time to time if you are stuck at a desk. Sit on a Swiss Ball instead of a desk chair all the time if you have the option. CHECK your alignment…WHERE are you SHOULDERS? WHERE are you BREATHING?

Look for the positive changes! When we are in the transformational process it is common to not even notice the positive changes that happen. We get so used to seeing ourselves one way that we often don’t even notice the transformation. Accept the compliments from friends and co-workers, not cookies and candy! It is not your imagination that your jeans are looser and that groceries are lighter. Stick with it and in surprisingly little time you will see and feel the “What the Heck Effect”. Tasks that were once hard or even impossible are not as hard or are even easy! You are adapting.

3) Do the drills.

Simple, not easy. To quote Mark “Riff” Reifkind, “You can’t buy fitness, you have to earn it.” All the supplements, gadgets, curved-bottom shoes, and cosmetic surgery you can buy will NOT make you fit. “If you are over 23 years old and fit, you are earning it.” Only solid exercise and healthy nutrition will make you fit. Period. I recommend 3-5 days per week for most people who are ready to increase their fitness level. Eat clean, healthy food. I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.

4) Rest and nurture your adapting body.

Muscle literally grows while you sleep. It is imperative for fitness that your body gets enough SLEEP! 6-8 hours per night (everyone is a little different, some people are really good on 6 and some just need 8). Make it a priority to get ample sleep. If you have to cut a night’s sleep short you can make up for it by sleeping extra the next night…seriously, you NEED to sleep.

Drink plenty of fresh WATER. Please do not drink anything that is artificially colored. If you like the electrolyte water, go ahead. Water is clear, and your urine should be too!

Eat REAL food. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, however I do know a thing or ten about good food. Eat CLEAN. That means eat food that is as minimally processed as possible. I have recently adopted a steady diet of about 80% raw (consisting of veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds made in fun ways but not heated over 110 degrees). I do not think this is a necessity to fitness, but I like it! The main thing here is that you get 6-8 servings (a serving is about the size of your fist) of veggies per day…cook them if you must, but please do not add high calorie sauces and stuff to them, season with herbs and spices. 3-5 (I like 5) servings of fruit…REAL fruit, and 45-60 grams of protein (the more you are building muscle, the more you need). I get most of mine from seeds and nuts, but eggs, lean chicken and meat (free-range, organic is more expensive and it is worth it!). If you want more information about nutrition hit me up, I will share the information and experience that I have, and will write more about specifics as time goes on.

There. 4 “DOs” that, if you are ready, will go a long way to support you in your transformational process.

Starting Dec. 2012 “Tibetian Rites” class M,W,F at 8am

The Tibetan Rites are a series of 5 yogic movements done in unison with the breath. Each movement is completed up to, but not more than 20 times. Once you learn all the movements, along with a simple vinyasa movement I teach between each, and some specialized breathing techniques at the end the Rites should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Optimally, they are done each morning, soon after arising, but are beneficial whenever done!

The Tibetan Rites have been practiced for thousands of years by monks, yogis and yoginis, and those who have learned them. They are my favorite way to pull myself all together at the beginning of my day. I feel like I am having a “staff meeting’ with all my body parts in the process of completing the Rites. I find that I have a clearer mind and generally more energy when I habitually do the Rites.

The benefits of a regular practice of Tibetan Rites are immense, just as Hard-Style Kettlebell drills include cardio, strength, and flexibility at the same time Tibetan Rites benefits the BODY (both muscular-skeletal, and internal organs), MIND, (reducing stress) and SPIRIT (Feel good, be happy!) at the same time! While the flexibility and coordination have obvious advantages, the practice of moving quietly with the breath has a calming effect on the CNS and respiratory system as well as controlling heart rate and turning off (or down) the “mind chatter”. The emotional and spiritual effects are very calming and de-stressing for most people!

Dr Oz did a show recently showing the benefits of doing Tibetan Rites. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/tibetan-rites-practice OMG! It has gone MAINSTREAM! OK, then more people can benefit from an ancient methodology…gotta’ like that!

Tibetan Rites classes are INCLUDED for all students paying monthly, or are $20 drop in (ANYONE IS WELCOME!) or $15 each if if purchased as a pack of 10 for $150. Remember that I still offer a great referral program! If you refer someone and they buy training, you get 1/2 of what they spent on your next month or package! You can also use that credit for Private Sessions! Awesome, right!?

New Swing classes are a hit!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 5pm Swing classes began in Mid-September and they are a HIT! The focus of these classes is, of course, the Swing, but the Turkish Get Up, Dead Lifts and other basics are also introduced and covered. The idea is to get a good workout while learning the basics to hone your Kettlebell skills. Advanced students are welcome and encouraged to come at 5 for a good Swing/Basic skills hour and stay for the Tuesday/Thursday Advanced Skills and Drills Class for a KILLER workout!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 6pm Advanced Drills and Skills Classes are also a HIT! Students who are ready, willing, and able come together to work on the fine points of each drill and train their bodies to new levels. Like Mark, “Riff”, Reifkind says “It’s all easy until it gets heavy.” Thursday nights can get heavy, so the form must be there to support it! Strength is a skill and can be learned!

School is Back in Session, with New Classes!

Well, I have returned from Burning Man and several students have returned from vacations and are getting their kids back in school.  There was a small, but not insignificant flood in the Studio while I was gone…a BIG THANK YOU TO BETH G!  She helped keep everyone afloat (pun intended) while I was away.  YAAY!!

Remember that we have added two new classes.  Tuesday and Thursday at 5PM  Swings and Get-Ups!  These will be similar to our Monday workout and are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.  Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm becomes Advanced Drills and Skills.  If you are really into pain you can totally come at 5 for Swings and Get-Ups and then stay for Advanced Drills and Skills for an AWESOME two hour workout!


While Sheri is at the Burning Man Festival 2012!


It is time once again for me to be off to the Burning Man Festival with my Fire Performance Troupe, Flameology.  I will be out of the studio from August 27th until September 10th, 2012.  In my absence classes will be led by Beth and Lucia.  Jennifer Szabo will teach a hoop/juggling skills class on Monday, Sept. 3rd and Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 6pm. 

There will be NO class on THURSDAY MORNINGS! (August 30th/September 6th).

While I am away, classes led by students are to be considered “Open Classes”.  Roughly translated, that means “No Lifeguard On Duty”.  These classes are intended for experienced students to continue their workouts with fellow, more experienced, students.  NOT for new students.  *Attention New Students!!! I have let you all know if you are ready to workout without me*.  

PLEASE TEXT OR CALL THE CLASS LEADER IF YOU ARE COMING TO A CLASS!  (I do not want them to have to drive across town if there will be no one in the studio!)

Lucia  702-806-2798 –  Tuesday 9am,  8/28 – Wednesday 9am, 8/29 – Friday 9am, 8/31  – Monday 9am , 09/03  – Tuesday 9am, 09/04 , Wednesday 9am, 09/05  – Friday 9am, 09/07

Beth 702-561-2610  –  Monday, 8/27 9am – Monday, 8/27 6pm – Tuesday, 8/28 6pm – Wednesday, 8/29 6pm – Thursday, 8/30 6pm – Wednesday, 9/5 6pm – Thursday,9/6 6pm

Jennifer 702-606-9739  –  Monday, 9/3 6pm HOOPS/JUGGLING SKILLS – Tuesday, 9/4 6pm HOOPS/JUGGLING SKILLS

When I return, I am adding two additional classes:

TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at 5pm SWINGS AND FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS.  These classes will focus on the “Center of the Kettlebell Universe”, the SWING, as well as the “First Star”, the GET UP, and various squats and dead lifts.  These are the RKC basics that have been said to take “5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master”.  These classes are essential for beginners, and I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone looking to burn fat, build long, lean muscle, and endurance as well as revisit the basics.  The way we learn ANY skill is through:  Education, (learn how to do it from instruction, books, videos, etc.).  Practice, (DO IT!).  Review, (learn it again…it will be different now that you have some experience).  Practice.  Here is the most important part…REPEAT!  You get the idea…each time we return to the learn how step, we get something new based on our experience level and the more we practice and get more experience…..it it a cycle that keeps repeating!

This means that TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at 6pm will become ADVANCED DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES.  These classes will focus on, you guessed it, advanced kettlebell drills and techniques.  Students are welcome to come at 5pm to brush up on the basics and burn some kcals (remember that when done correctly, swings burn around 22 calories per minute…that is about the equivalent to running a 6 minute mile!) and then stay for the advanced class!

If you would like to check out equipment while I am gone READ THIS! 

Let me know as soon as possible what you would like to use.  First come, first served…I have to keep it simple people!  I may ask you to bring said checked out item to class with you to class if you are coming…it depends on the item…just ask and we will figure it out!

Friday Augist 3rd “Open Workout”

It is finally time! Sheri and her daughter, Julia, are facing the Zombie Infested 5K in Seattle! www.runforyourlives.com

I will be leaving Friday morning, running Saturday and returning Sunday evening.  Jen will lead the Friday “Crazy 8” . This means that Friday’s class is an “Open Class”…workout at your own risk…No Lifeguard is on Duty…I do not reccomend beginners come to a “open” class. I will set up the circuit Thursday night…I am thinking “ZOMBIE” Theme!