Spring 2015 News Updates

Well, my little home-studio has a new look and feel.  A new wall and door make the studio feel more private, and although the cats are not so pleased, it keeps their fur and dander out.  I also moved things around, painted walls, and dismantled my desk.  I am typing on my laptop on the floor, or standing.  It is awesome!  I resist sitting in a desk chair, and I had one rolling around in here taking up precious floor space!  If you have not seen the new space, come check it out.  I probably miss you!

Along with the new feel, I have expanded my “UNLIMITED Monthly Training” to include much more flexibility.  In addition to Class times, “Open Gym” style time is available when I am here.  Text RSVP to 702-327-6146.


M/W/F  7am, 9am, and 5:30pm

“Open Gym” T/Th  Text 702-327-6146 for a time slot.


Introduction to swing classes (First time $5o)

UNLIMITED Monthly Small-Group Classes $100 per monthTGU at RKC.

One on One Training Sessions $50 in-studio.

$80-$100, depending on your location.

I am still offering small-group training classes and private sessions at Strength Center in Henderson on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Classes there are at 2pm, and I am available for consultations and swing/orientation at 1pm with RSVP text to 702-327-6146.  I can also schedule private sessions at Strength Center.  Contact me for pricing at Strength Center.

First Quarter 2016 SPECIALS!!

New Students Only: $35 Private Sessions In-Studio.  $50 in-Home. For the FIRST QUARTER 2016 ONLY!!!f

$100 per month UNLIMITED Small Group Training!  *New Students must first have a working swing in order to take part in Group Training Classes.

Simple and Sinister program support!  Get “entry level strong” with this Swing/Get Up program by Pavel. I will help get you there.

Kettlebell Burn EXTREME support! *For experienced Students only.  This program burns fat while building muscle.  The workouts are all double-bell, and are six days per week for the four weeks.  I offer special coaching and support for anyone wishing to do Geoff Neupert’s brutally simple, simply effective program.



The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvination Classes

The 5 Rites have been called a “Fountain of Youth”.

I offer classes on the 5 Tibetan Rites on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4pm to 5pm at my studio in Centennial Hills.  Classes are $10 at the door.  Mats are nice, but not essential.  Bring your mat if you like, there are some available to borrow at the Center as well.

If you are ready to get stronger, but are just a bit apprehensive about kettlebells, body weight moment is the place to start!  The 5 Rites are an excellent platform for beginning your strength journey.  The 5 Rites are appropriate for everyone!  “Beginners” as well as athletes and those well versed in the Rites are welcome and will benefit from sharing the practice with others.

This 60 minute class covers the physical movements of the 5 Tibetan Rites as practiced by Tibetan Lamas for thousands of years. The countless benefits of a regular Rites practice will be covered as well as regressions for people who are unable to get up and down from the floor easily. With practice, the these regressions build up to the full expression of the pose. Regardless of the extent of the pose each person is able to do, full benefit of the pose is achieved.

The Rites have been touted as the “Fountain of Youth” because many of the Lamas who practice them are of very advanced years, many of them well over one hundred. Of course, we do not live in a Tibetan Lamasery, yet the Rites are readily adaptable to our modern lives.

Each class session will be divided into two parts: The Physical Practice, and Discussion. During the Physical Practice portion of the class, Sheri will cover safe and effective progressions to each of the 5 movements as well as advanced progressions for those who are ready. Talking is limited to corrections and safety during this time.

During the Discussion portion of the class, every one is encouraged to share openly as much as they like about anything related to the Rites. At first, discussion will mostly be about learning the movements and getting more comfortable with them. As time goes on, discussion will move into the benefits each of the members of the group are experiencing…who knows what will happen from there!  When practiced mindfully, the Rites are known to make profound differences in every aspect of peoples lives. It is imperative that students in this class agree to discuss only their own experience and never share any one else’s experience outside the safe container of the class. This point cannot be over stressed.


Why do you want to be strong?


Why? The fact is that if I ask 20 people that question, I get almost as many answers. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be strong. For me, strength is what made the difference between living a life of Pain-Management or a life of activity. I was faced with the very real choice of letting my body continue to decline and loose strength or stop and even reverse the trend. The results are that I am strong and active at 50…and I see no reason to slow down anytime soon!

So, what is your reason to get strong? Do you want to participate in community races or Tough Mudder? Do you want to climb mountains? Do you want to be able to get up and down from the floor to play with your children or grandchildren…great grandchildren?! Do you want to …no judgement….look hot in a bikini? What ever your reasons are, I can help you learn to get strong. Really strong. Strength is a skill that anyone can learn. If you are ready call me and we will get you started on YOUR strength journey!

Swing strong!


My new “S.A.F.E.T.Y. Training” group now forming!

I teach strength, and to quote a great kettlebell instructor, Mark “Riff” Reifkind, “There is not much that strong won’t fix.” I will teach you how to get strong. How you use that strength is up to you.

I am currently offering a very limited number of spaces for my new “SAFETY Training” group! Safety is our code word for Strength, Athleticism, Flexibility, and Energy Training Ya-Ya. I could not come up with anything better for “Y”. This group will meet regularly at my Centennial Hills Studio. I am specifically looking for people who are looking to get strong and are open to learning along with other like-minded people! Peer pressure can be a very positive thing and this group will offer support and fun during the process. I would like to develop this group for future presentations and video promotions. The cost is $150 per month and will include UNLIMITED group training classes, at least one Private Session per month and ongoing support and nutritional counseling.

Inclusion in the Safety Training Group is very limited, and any student who is accepted must agree to commit to at least 6 months of consistent training and group participation. All STG students must sign a model release allowing me to use photos for promotion. If you are interested, contact me directly at ptsheri@gmail.com

COMING SOON! Swing into Summer Saturday Series 2013 Centennial Hills

See Saw Press copysheri class pictures 011


8 Saturdays, at the Centennial Hills Studio,from 1:30 to 4:00pm. Learn to properly swing a kettlebell of a challenging weight and learn the Turkish Get Up.

This series is designed to build on each other to take you from wherever you are to the next level of mastery of the Swing, “The Center of the Kettlebell Universe”, and the Turkish Get Up, “The First Star”. Take the whole series for the best results. Take one or two as a refresher…the choice is yours.

$35 each, or $200 FULL SERIES!
March 16 & 23 April 13 & 27
May 11 & 25 June 15 & 29

Space is limited. Call TODAY to RSVP and for address and directions 702-327-6146

NEW LOCATIONS! Effective Feb. 1, 2013

Well, 2013 did happen after all, and it brings with it changes. My lease is ending at the end of January, and I am splitting my time and my equipment between my Centennial Hills location and the Henderson area, at the Strength Center at 215 and Stephanie along with Sun City Anthem.

Please check my schedule page and contact me with ANY questions about how to get started on your road to STRONG!

SPECIAL NOTICE!! There will be a Strong First Course (this is NOT a certification) in HENDERSON March 8th 2013. Get all the details at www.strongfirst.com

To quote Mark, “Rif” Refkind, “There is not much that strong won’t fix.”

Starting Dec. 2012 “Tibetian Rites” class M,W,F at 8am

The Tibetan Rites are a series of 5 yogic movements done in unison with the breath. Each movement is completed up to, but not more than 20 times. Once you learn all the movements, along with a simple vinyasa movement I teach between each, and some specialized breathing techniques at the end the Rites should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Optimally, they are done each morning, soon after arising, but are beneficial whenever done!

The Tibetan Rites have been practiced for thousands of years by monks, yogis and yoginis, and those who have learned them. They are my favorite way to pull myself all together at the beginning of my day. I feel like I am having a “staff meeting’ with all my body parts in the process of completing the Rites. I find that I have a clearer mind and generally more energy when I habitually do the Rites.

The benefits of a regular practice of Tibetan Rites are immense, just as Hard-Style Kettlebell drills include cardio, strength, and flexibility at the same time Tibetan Rites benefits the BODY (both muscular-skeletal, and internal organs), MIND, (reducing stress) and SPIRIT (Feel good, be happy!) at the same time! While the flexibility and coordination have obvious advantages, the practice of moving quietly with the breath has a calming effect on the CNS and respiratory system as well as controlling heart rate and turning off (or down) the “mind chatter”. The emotional and spiritual effects are very calming and de-stressing for most people!

Dr Oz did a show recently showing the benefits of doing Tibetan Rites. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/tibetan-rites-practice OMG! It has gone MAINSTREAM! OK, then more people can benefit from an ancient methodology…gotta’ like that!

Tibetan Rites classes are INCLUDED for all students paying monthly, or are $20 drop in (ANYONE IS WELCOME!) or $15 each if if purchased as a pack of 10 for $150. Remember that I still offer a great referral program! If you refer someone and they buy training, you get 1/2 of what they spent on your next month or package! You can also use that credit for Private Sessions! Awesome, right!?

New Swing classes are a hit!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 5pm Swing classes began in Mid-September and they are a HIT! The focus of these classes is, of course, the Swing, but the Turkish Get Up, Dead Lifts and other basics are also introduced and covered. The idea is to get a good workout while learning the basics to hone your Kettlebell skills. Advanced students are welcome and encouraged to come at 5 for a good Swing/Basic skills hour and stay for the Tuesday/Thursday Advanced Skills and Drills Class for a KILLER workout!

The new Tuesday/Thursday 6pm Advanced Drills and Skills Classes are also a HIT! Students who are ready, willing, and able come together to work on the fine points of each drill and train their bodies to new levels. Like Mark, “Riff”, Reifkind says “It’s all easy until it gets heavy.” Thursday nights can get heavy, so the form must be there to support it! Strength is a skill and can be learned!