Spring 2015 News Updates

Well, my little home-studio has a new look and feel.  A new wall and door make the studio feel more private, and although the cats are not so pleased, it keeps their fur and dander out.  I also moved things around, painted walls, and dismantled my desk.  I am typing on my laptop on the floor, or standing.  It is awesome!  I resist sitting in a desk chair, and I had one rolling around in here taking up precious floor space!  If you have not seen the new space, come check it out.  I probably miss you!

Along with the new feel, I have expanded my “UNLIMITED Monthly Training” to include much more flexibility.  In addition to Class times, “Open Gym” style time is available when I am here.  Text RSVP to 702-327-6146.


M/W/F  7am, 9am, and 5:30pm

“Open Gym” T/Th  Text 702-327-6146 for a time slot.


Introduction to swing classes (First time $5o)

UNLIMITED Monthly Small-Group Classes $100 per monthTGU at RKC.

One on One Training Sessions $50 in-studio.

$80-$100, depending on your location.

I am still offering small-group training classes and private sessions at Strength Center in Henderson on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Classes there are at 2pm, and I am available for consultations and swing/orientation at 1pm with RSVP text to 702-327-6146.  I can also schedule private sessions at Strength Center.  Contact me for pricing at Strength Center.

How to Train with Sheri

I have a small studio in my home in Northwest Las Vegas. I offer UNLIMITED CLASSES for $100 per month there, as well as Private Sessions for $50,(buy 10, get 1 FREE), and Workshops (pricing varies).

I offer In-Home, and On-Location training anywhere in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, pricing starts at $70 and depends of travel time/distance.

I teach classes and offer Private Sessions and Workshops at The Strength Center in Henderson at Horizon Ridge and Stephanie, Classes there are $20 each, and Private Sessions are $60 (discount packages available), and Workshops (pricing varies).

Teaching Strength as a Skill

Strength is a skill, and can be taught. I teach strength using the Strong First Standards, which are designed to teach strength with minimum risk of injury. The cuing and “Ah Ha Drills” are constantly evolving to make the learning process easier and safer. Kettlebells, when properly used, train strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

The swing burns approximately 22 calories per minute, about equivalent to running a 6 minute mile, without the impact of running! The power production of a swing is about FOUR TIMES the weight of the bell. Swing a 16kg (35.2 pounds) bell and produce about 64kg (141 pounds) of force! That makes for muscle that is RESILIENT to injury and seriously STRONG!

ANYONE at ANY AGE can learn to be strong. From where you are TODAY, I can teach you to become stronger. If you are unable to get down and up from the floor or get into a functional squat position we start there and build up the strength to swing a bell. If you are already strong and want to get stronger, we start where you are and build up from there. Strength has no limits! I incorporate “Original Strength” movements of rolling, rocking, crawling, and cross-crawling to help the body remember how to move in a strong, natural way just like when we were small children!