From a Strength Coach over 50 

Well, I have been over fifty for a little while now. I can say for certain that I am so grateful for my continued good health, and the health of my family.  I am grateful that I read an article in 2008 that prompted me to follow the teaching Pavel Tsatsouline with kettlebells.  The strength I have learned has “fixed” my body. I am stronger at 51 than at any time in my life, and I am helping my students learn to get strong too.

Many of my strength students are “seniors”.  I guess that title comes at some magic age number like 65 or something, and I have the honor of witnessing them get stronger, stand straighter, move better, and feel better every day, the really cool thing is you can learn to get stronger at any age.  

Learning to be strong may sound impossible, you may think that strength is something that some people have and some just don’t. You may even be under the understandable, but incorrect notion that you may be too old to get stronger. Strength is a skill. All skills can be taught.  If you are capable of learning to play a new card game, you are capable of learning strength.  If you can sit on the toilet, and get up unassisted, you can learn to dead lift and swing a kettlebell.  

Many of the “symptoms” of aging are quite literally reversible with strength training. Being able to get up and down from the floor with ease can change a person’s quality of life for the much better. High blood pressure  and Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed to the point where people can reduce, or actually get off their prescribed medications. Weight bearing exercise is proven to increase bone density. Strength makes a person resilient to injury, and Kettlebell training improves cardiovascular endurance and flexibility as well!

So, if you have been thinking of starting some kind of exercise program, find a Strong First Instructor in your area. Start now because getting old is not for sissies!

Re-writing Existing Operating Programs

So, my computer crashed, hard.  Not to worry, I can reverse inherit the laptop I bought for my daughter.  She is in film school, and tuition included a new MacBookPro.  So, no problem I can have my data transferred and I will be up and running in no time, right?  Problem, the operating system of this particular computer will not support the programs that I wanted to use.  GAH!  Now what!? Spend a bunch of money for a newer computer when this one is fine, it is just what Apple calls “Vintage”….It is a 2008…VINTAGE?? I decided to just make do with this wonderful, functional, albeit vintage computer.  With some work arounds and the good ol’ internet we will be just fine for now.  So, this got me thinking about other kinds of “operating systems” like the ones that run in our minds that tell us how strong we are, or not.  About how organized we are, or smart, or professional, or whatever…I am a strength geek, so I mostly thought about it in terms of the way a person expects their physical body to be.  To operate.  It occurs to me that in this time of “bio hacking” when I for one have realized that it IS possible to re-write, or over-write the program that says “I am overweight”, “I am in pain” “I wish I were in better shape”.  Re-write it to say “I am stronger with every practice session”, “I move freely and with strength and purpose”, ” I feel great”, “I am happy!” “I am strong”  Unlike my computer, your body has unlimited ability to upgrade and update your operating system.  You can choose to learn the skills of strength.  I hope so if you want it.  Re-writing our bodies’ operating systems can only be done one step at a time, one skill at a time.  Keep learning and keep swinging