June 2015 Las Vegas Kettlebell News, Sheri Kaminski, NSCA-CPT/SFG (702) 327-6146 ptsheri@gmail.com  www.lasvegaskettlebell.com


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I am no longer training regularly at Strength Center in Henderson, I am focusing more on my studio in the north west part of the valley, and in-home Students. Adam and the crew at SC are fabulous.  I miss them and will offer workshops there from time to time.

I currently have room for 6-8 new Students in my Unlimited Monthly Small Group Training Program at my Small Studio at Ann & 95.  So, if you have been thinking about learning to get stronger, and enjoy all the benifits of strength, call or text now ! (702) 327-6146.  “There is not much that strong won’t fix”~Mark Reifkind

Unlimited Monthly Students pay $100 per month (no contract). This includes the initial assessment and orientation and up to two private sessions, to get the minimum basic swing form, (Drop ins are $25 each. Kettlebell experience and RSVP are necessary).  I am open to adding class times and “Open Gym” times as needed. My current Small Group Training schedule is as follows:

  • Monday 6:00AM      5:30PM
  • Wednesday 6:00AM    9:00AM      5:30AM
  • Friday.   6:00AM.   9:00AM    5:30PM
  • Tuesday/Thursday “Open Gym Practice” by RSVP via text (702) 327-6146
  • Studio closed July 4-11, and August 31-September 9.

Private Session Training is available by appointment.  Private sessions at my Studio start at $50.  In-Home Sessions start at $80. On-line Training starts at $25 per month.  Workshops vary in price and location, but start at $35 at my Studio.  I accept cash, checks, and cards as payment.  Tips, and the occasional bribe, are most happily accepted. 

I also teach the 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvination on the first Sunday, (except July and September), of each month at the Sophia Center for Goddess Studies at Spring Mtn and Jones.  This two-hour workshop is $20 cash at the door. The 5 yogic movements have been practiced by Tibetan Lamas for thousands of years, and have been called “A Fountain of Youth”. They build strength and vitality when regularly practiced. The workshop is always open to men and women, of all fitness levels!  I teach the five movements and regressions for each one, so that even those who may be unable to comfortably get up and down from the floor may learn and practice from standing and a chair.

I offer a Referral Program as well. If you refer someone, and they buy training. You get an instant credit of half of what they spend with me on their initial visit towards your next month’s training.

Teaching Strength as a Skill

Strength is a skill, and can be taught. I teach strength using the Strong First Standards, which are designed to teach strength with minimum risk of injury. The cuing and “Ah Ha Drills” are constantly evolving to make the learning process easier and safer. Kettlebells, when properly used, train strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

The swing burns approximately 22 calories per minute, about equivalent to running a 6 minute mile, without the impact of running! The power production of a swing is about FOUR TIMES the weight of the bell. Swing a 16kg (35.2 pounds) bell and produce about 64kg (141 pounds) of force! That makes for muscle that is RESILIENT to injury and seriously STRONG!

ANYONE at ANY AGE can learn to be strong. From where you are TODAY, I can teach you to become stronger. If you are unable to get down and up from the floor or get into a functional squat position we start there and build up the strength to swing a bell. If you are already strong and want to get stronger, we start where you are and build up from there. Strength has no limits! I incorporate “Original Strength” movements of rolling, rocking, crawling, and cross-crawling to help the body remember how to move in a strong, natural way just like when we were small children!

On Getting Older and Growing Stonger.

So, I turned 50 this past October. Since then, I have found myself doing lot of reflecting, and what keeps blaring at me is how much increasing my strength has improved virtually EVERYTHING about my life. Everything. That is a really BIG statement. If you know me at all, you know that I choose my words pretty carefully and try to avoid general statements like “Improved Everything”. But it has. Not in ways that you may think either. It is not only about looking a certain way, fitting into a certain size or knowing that I could probably out-run, out-last, and if needed, overpower most threats that could come up. Even though those things are nice. It is a well being that comes with growing stronger even as I am growing older</e

I found Pavel Tsatsouline's teaching in 2007. I was 44 years old, and in pretty good shape. I had recently completed my NSCA-CPT training and had started working as a Personal Trainer, I felt healthy and fit, although I did still have pain and limited range of motion in my neck and shoulders as well as numbness in two left fingers all due to a roll-over accident when I was 24. I read "Enter the Kettlebell" and "From Russia with Tough Love, bought a kettlebell, and started to get strong, really strong. As I gained strength, I lost pain and gained mobility…just like MAGIC! Today, I know that I am stronger at 50 than I was in my 20s and 30s, and I have the privilege of helping other people learn to get strong as well. I get to witness people put their new strength to good use in virtually every aspect of their lives. They do not tend to turn into “brutes” either. People who learn to develop strength, who push through their own personal limits and commit themselves to themselves…read that part again…get strong and carry that strength in humble and meaningful ways. They are young parents, retired professionals, busy executives, school teachers….they come from all walks of life and are discovering that as Master SFG, Mark Reifkind, said “Strong fixes almost anything.”

Next week, I will discuss more about the applications of strength. The very real ways in which strength improves my life everyday, and some simple ways to start getting stronger right now!