How do I start strength training?

Well, first it is important to ask yourself why you want to start strength training. If the answer is all about looking a certain way rather than feeling a certain way you will have a hard time.  Strength is a skill. Practicing the skill of strength will make you stronger.  When you are stronger you lift more and do more. When you do that, fat melts and muscle grows, and now you look like a sexy beast, and that is not all.  Your heart is quite literally a muscle, and as you do more, it also gets stronger, and more efficient. So it goes with the rest of your body’s systems, and you feel like a sexy beast!

Ok, now I see why. Now how should I start?  That depends on where you are, to a point. The first thing you need to determine, is how well do you currently move?  With some simple screens, like the FMS, your default movement patterns are exposed. If anyone of these screens present as painful or impossible we determine if it is a thing I can help you with, or if you need to get it checked and treated by someone with those credentials.  Once that is cleared up, you are ready to start strength training.  

Begin at the beginning.  When we are born, our heads are like one-third of our body. Think about that for a minute.  We got control of that huge head.  First we hold it up, then we turn and nod. We figure out how to roll over. From belly to back and from back to belly. We eventually get up to all fours and rock.  If all is well, we figure out how to crawl, and haul ourselves up to walk. All that takes around a year for most of us. Think about that for a minute.  The really cool thing is that research and results show that at any age we can re-learn primal movements, thus actually reconnecting the brain-muscle “wiring”, called synapses.  These patterning drills not only build healthy, functional muscle, they improve balance, and proprioception. This is how we got strong the first time!

Now we deadlift, then swing…and so it begins…a journey to feeling strong, and healthy.